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Experiences With Animals


An experience I will never forget when I first started healing a couple of years back, I was asked to dog sit my brothers Bernese called ‘Bude’ for 5 hrs, who was 12 months old at the time. I only on average ever visit my brother’s house maybe once every 2-4 months, and this is probably the reason why when I put my hand out to stroke Bude, he always backed off and ran away.

So, my brother told me of two issues concerning Bude, the first issue, was Bude seemed to be a very anxious dog, the second was that for 12 months he had been digging deep holes all over the garden, including the lawn. This used to drive me nuts as I was the one who used to look after my brothers garden.

Anyway, Bude sat at the front door as usual when everyone was out, and he stayed there for 4 hours and certainly didn’t want to be near me as he wasn’t sure about me.

After knowing the issues I needed to work on, I decided I would also get Bude to befriend me.

I gave some healing there in the house that evening and focused on Bude coming into me and laying down alongside the sofa where I was later watching TV and predicted this to happen 1hr before his folks came home.

To my amazement he came in and laid down alongside the sofa on his back exactly 1hr before my brothers family came home, then rolled over asking me to rub his belly. I ignored him for about 5 – 7 mins as I didn’t want him to suddenly get spooked and run off again, I genuinely wanted to get a connection with this animal.

During the healing session, I also focused on Bude not to be so anxious when people knocked at the door and came into the house, besides this I also worked on him to stop digging big holes in the garden which he had ruined, but not for a further two weeks.

Why did I specify a two-week period before he stopped digging the garden I hear you ask?

I cannot answer that because I just get told these things during the healing sessions and I am not to reason why.

Well all the above that I set out to do when sending Bude healing that night came to fruition and exactly in the time span predicted, my brother’s family were amazed.


I remember a previous Bernese they cared for named ‘Jazz’, who slept for 17 hrs solid the same night I gave him a healing session. My brothers wife the next day said, ‘Neil, Jazz has never slept that long in the 8 years we’ve had him, what did you do to him’ ? and that’s when I owned up to asking Jazz during the healing session to do just that (sleep 17 hrs) because I knew he needed to rest his back that he had injured.

I had given Jazz healing for his bad back for which my brother Nigel had refused to take the vets advice and give Jazz a course of painkillers and anti- inflammatories because my brother preferred an alternative treatment, see in testimonies  below.

I had Jazz jumping into the back of my brothers car within less than 48 hours.

I can tell you after that experience I was hooked on healing and ever since have been wanting to make a difference and give something back.


One experience I will never forget and it was actually only the second time I had ever given a dog healing.

Stamford was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months previously, I was told he wasn't going to live much longer by the owner, the poor thing hadn't eaten or drank anything in the previous seven days.

The owner wanted the very best for Stamford and asked me if I would still give him some healing.

Of course I said, 'yes' and explained that healing was not just for animals or people who were only injured or unwell, but it was also to comfort and calm animals who were due to pass over too.

Well, whilst I felt saddened that I couldn't do anything to help this big old character who had a terminal illness, and knew he wasn't going to be around much longer, I had the most beautiful experience I've ever had with a human or animal.

I laid down on the wooden decking underneath the patio table where Stamford had been laying for about four hours, he seemed to be gathering his thoughts, this is where I gave him the healing, not long after I had started, I noticed a large number of birds had come into the garden and were making the most awful racket.

The strange thing about this and it being similar to something I witnessed many years before when my father in law passed away, on both occasions the dogs done absolutely nothing, just laid there and didn't try to chase the birds away as they had done since they were puppies.

I realized there and then that Stamford would probably pass over within the next 24 hours due to the sign of the birds coming into the garden, if people are close to nature, the signs are there for all of us to see.

So as I laid there and enjoyed the beautiful experience of the birds connecting with Stamford and I, that was when I asked him to drink a bowl of water after I had gone home.  I was driving home when my niece called excitedly and told me Stamford must of listened to me as he had just drunk all the water from the bowl and it was he's first drink in seven days.   This brought tears to my eyes as I realized that he was letting me know that he understood me and that I could actually communicate with animals and not just by healing them.

Stamford died in the owners arms that evening, I felt so privileged, so special to have got so close to him and especially when he may of needed someone.

This last dog mentioned  above called, 'Stamford', this was the first time I had ever got close to an animal, yet alone lay down with one, all I had ever done previously was stroke an animal.