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Healing My Way

Please see below the type of service that is available.

Distant Healing: 

Clients can contact me either via this website, phone or email, they then provide a photo of their pet, eyes looking into the camera, the name, date of birth if known and address of the animal or person resides at to receive healing, and details of the issues concerning the animal or person, the client.

 I then contact them to arrange a Distant healing session (not in the presence of the animal or person) at a time to suit them and when their animal or person is going to be resting or sleeping.

I and the client then keep in touch to see how the animal or person is progressing and whether the animal or person would benefit from more healing sessions.

Not all animals or people are the same, some animals & people may reject the healing, everything living is a free spirit and if it doesn't want to receive the healing there is little you can do.

Some animals and people get up and move away when they feel they have received enough healing, some will stay resting until I have finished.  Some animals and people sleep for many hours after, it varies from animal to animal & person to person and what intuition if, I have with that particular animal or person.