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Animal and People Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials I have kindly received over the past three years.

I had been suffering from depression for the last 20 + years.

I was introduced to Neil by a friend and was immediately taken by how friendly he was.

A few weeks later I had a very bad period of depression and asked Neil to send me some absent (distant) healing for me.

I found after a few weeks I started to see some results, my state of mind started to heal with the lovely support I had from Neil.

The healing sessions from him really helped towards my recovery.

This didn't happen overnight but I started to slowly improve which is the best thing.

Much love to him and for keeping in touch afterward.

Gill       Chessington,  Surrey

I was lucky to meet Neil at the Psychic Fair in Leatherhead. He is a very kind and gentle soul with an affinity for animals.

I mentioned my cat Bob who has been especially poorly recently with his hyperthyroidism.

I emailed a photo and 24 hours after Neil emailed me that Bob had been sent healing I saw a definite change. He was brighter, had more energy and for the first time in months sat on my lap and really relaxed. He has also started to play again. It was lovely to see.

I don't know how it work's but I would definitely recommend it.


Suzie      Leatherhead, Surrey

Jazz our Bernese hurt his back as a result of his enthusiasm. The injury not only meant he suffered pain but he was in conflict with his get up and go attitude.

The vet suggested two weeks of restricted exercise and a course of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

We contacted Neil as we were looking for an alternative and over a couple of days and two healing sessions he was back to his old or should I say young-self..Thank you so much Neil.

Nigel      Kingston, Surrey

Neil offered to help after I met him at a Psychic Fair and explained Preston my old Bullmastiff has arthritis in his front left elbow, I must say I was a bit of a sceptic at first.

I need not of worried because within 24 hrs of Neil sending Preston healing, I noticed a change. Not only that but within 48 hrs Preston was 90% better. Preston comes to work with me everyday, I am a dog trainer. Well the morning after healing, Preston refused point blank to go to work with me, I thought this very unusual but Neil then explained he had asked for Preston to stay at home in order to rest his leg.

Neil definitely has a connection with animals and I was blown away with what happened to myself too.

About 2 days after, I asked Neil if he could send me some healing for my bad back I had for the previous 3 days.

The next morning after Neil sent healing, my back was worse than ever, but as the day went on it completely disappeared and hasn't returned.

Thank you Neil, these two experiences have definitely opened my eyes.


Mandy    Sutton, Surrey

Update on Mavis. Haven't seen the owner since before Christmas, when she told me Mavis was on three tablets daily for life concerning her thyroid problem. 

I told the owner; I'd love to try and help her by sending distant healing for Mavis to get her off the tablets. Well today I was told some good news after Mavis visited the vets recently. Tests were done and Mavis is now on only half the dose of tables e.g. 1/12 daily, I assume due to responding well to healing.

 Only one healing session was done for Mavis on Christmas day morning. I'm now going to give her another session and see if she improves again. I love the feedback my clients give me.


Teresa     Hanworth,  Mddx

Bobby from Hampton, just turned 14, and up until Oct 2019, for the past 12 months he had a skin infection, if you look closely you can see it towards the back right leg.

When I saw it, it was a red raw patch where the hair was missing and that had him licking like crazy almost every time you turned and looked at him, poor thing had been driven demented all that time.

The owner told me she had been to the vets but nothing seemed to work, creams, tablets, lotions, potions, so I said there's a good chance I would be able to help Bobby, but again no guarantees, just the same as vets and doctors cannot.

Never a surprise to me, within just 24 hrs of Bobby receiving the distant healing, he was not licking his wound as much and within 48 hrs he had stopped altogether.

I said to the owner, give it a week and you will probably find the sore would have cleared up and that's exactly what the owner reported back.


Mary    Hampton,  Mddx

I was told about Neil from a friend, so I asked if could heal Honey.

Honey had ear infection for 7 months and I was getting no joy from vet.  Neil gave one healing and after one week Honey was shaking her head, I knew something had happened because she could not before do this..

I asked Neil to send another healing the day before Honey was due on farm for ten days, as me and husband went on honeymoon.

When we back Honey was completely better.

Thank you to you Neil Honey no longer suffer and we all so happy.


Monika    Kingston,   Surrey

More including people testimonials

As I do a very physical job my body has suffered a lot over the years,.

I was told a lot is due to wear and tear which has affected my back and joints and there is no cure for that.

I have managed the best I can but I have been at my wits end with back and hip pain, and after conventional medicine hasn't helped, I turned to alternative therapy and I found this helped a lot.

I turned to Neil for some distance healing after someone recommended him, I was sceptical but needn't of worried because after two sessions things improved a lot.

I didn't need to take painkillers anymore which I had been on and off with for the last two years and which was a big relief in itself.

Funnily enough after both sessions of healing which were 6 weeks apart, I felt awful the very next morning, Neil explained this is quite normal as many things tend to get worse before getting better.

I do use other therapies but it's way too much of a coincidence that after two separate healing sessions I feel better than I have felt in a long time.

I am convinced Neil has helped me and would recommend him to anyone to give him a try.

Two years ago I had leg ulcers and Neil sent me healing for them too, I was going through a really difficult time mentally because the pain was unbearable. These cleared up and Neil told me the healing helped even though at first I wasn't convinced, but strange considering I had them for 9 months and they were only getting worse, then Neil comes along and within a few weeks they healed up after getting two sessions of distant healing.

Chris      Ashford,  Mddx

Dear Neil,

I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me whilst I was ill, it was when I had a meal at a London Hotel we stayed at before flying out early the next day.

I had severe cramps and pains in my stomach during the night and was violently sick in the morning (Possibly Food Poisoning) bearing in mind, I had a flight to catch which was the last thing I needed, when my wife called Martin and informed him he kindly asked you to carry out a healing.

At first, I just didn’t want to eat and felt like I was dying, I felt a bit better on the flight, then after about 8 hours I was feeling much better and even had something to eat.

The next day I was back to normal and had a fantastic honeymoon, I didn’t think about the healing process but I do think something helped me.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your kindness and helping me, hopefully someday I can repay you.

Yours Sincerely


Andrew     Nairn,    Scotland

Hi Neil, this is just an update on Bob further to the testimonial that I gave you recently below.

Just want to tell you that Bob played like a kitten today and has been very affectionate.

He still seems really well, very playful and relaxed. My pet sitter over Xmas couldn't believe how much he had changed since she last looked after him. She said he was affectionate and purring as soon as she came in the house.

We have all noticed a difference.

Suzie,       Leatherhead, Surrey​

Our little Guinea Pig, Nibbly, fell from a height and landed on her back on a wooden surface. She lost the use of her back legs and was dragging herself around.

We were convinced she'd broken her back and would need to be put to sleep. Guinea pigs are extremely fragile as they only eat fibre! The vet said that while she was lucky, she hadn't broken anything, it would be a matter of keeping her under observation at home for the next 5 days to know if she would make it.

By the end of the second day, I couldn't stand to watch her struggle. I was out in my car and out of nowhere, I saw Neil's van. It felt like divine intervention.

Saying this, however, I was VERY skeptical. I'd never heard of Distance Healing and it sounded very far-fetched to me. But, Neil's price was more than reasonable, as was he, and I felt I had nothing to lose so I what'sapped a picture of Nibbly, and Neil worked his magic that night.

It felt like magic because the next day, Nibbly was using all 4 of her feet and making her way around her house. By the 4th day she was running about normally and she continued to progress like nothing had happened. Amazing!

A big thumbs up from all of us, especially Nibbly.

Lucy       Hampton,     Mddx

Neil recently performed (Distance Healing) on me.

Within hours of receiving his notification that my Healing had been completed, I was feeling 99% better.

I would recommend Neil to anyone who has Health issues.

Thank you Neil.

Martin     Chessington, Surrey
My husband suffered an injury to his ribs, which Neil offered healing for. Neil sent the healing that night and the following morning my husband woke up and said, he had the best nights sleep in a long time after tossing and turning for weeks due to the pain and felt much better. He recovered two weeks earlier than the doctor predicted. Thank you so much Neil
Gemma     Hanworth, Mddx
My sons anxiety improved a lot after he received distant healing from Neil. He has been much calmer & happier, thank you xx
Sue      Horsham, Sussex

I happened to previously know Neil from when he used to do a gardening contract for us before he started he's healing business. One day after telling me about his new business, I then asked if he could help our Staffie called Alfie.

I was amazed in the difference after Neil had sent healing, Alfie was like a young dog all over again and running up the stairs which he had not been able to do for a while, due to what we thought was he's age.

We will definitely use your services again Neil if we need too.

Many thanks

Nicky      Hampton, Middlesex

After suffering from lymph gland problems and being under the doctor for the last 3 years with little improvement, I decided to contact Neil.

After having gone to bed every night, I was having horrible heart palpitations and on top of that hot stabbing pains in my feet during the day.

Neil only sent me one healing session, both symptoms disappeared within 2 days and have not returned since. Being so relieved I couldn't thank Neil enough.

Catherine      Dublin, Eire